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Lone Piñon A Delightful Surprise at Globalquerque!

It was my first time attending Globalquerque! – New Mexico’s annual celebration of world music and culture that featured 17 acts from 5 continents on 3 stages.  I blissfully floated between the three stages and let myself be transported —the way only music can transport me—  all over the world.  But of all the amazing groups that played at the festival, Lone Piñon made the biggest impression on me.  It was an old sound, but with such a new and fresh life to it.  And now I just learned that Lone Pinon recently recorded their first album, live, at Frogville Studios in Santa Fe, NM.  Check it out on their website!

Lone Piñon is an acoustic trio from Santa Fe, NM that plays the music of Mexico’s Huasteca and Tierra Caliente regions, and traditional music from the area known as El Rio Grande del Norte: Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.  The band features Greg Glassman (guitar and vocals), Noah Martinez (guitarrón), and Jordan Wax (fiddle and vocals).

One Response to “Lone Piñon A Delightful Surprise at Globalquerque!”

  • Audrey Barger says:

    My favorite latin music “of all time” has been TRIO LOS PARAGUAYOS, recorded in the fifties. Look them up online.
    This group has a wonderful sound, with the almost yodeling in the voices, somewhat like the exciting wail in “La Malaguenia de la Santa Rosa”.
    This kind of music makes me abslutely cry inside, with feeling!!
    Where can I purchase a CD?

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